We are on mission to making the web more accessible & faster in Indonesia


We have a blog & website, and we use CDN for performance purpose. CDN is the best choice for us because it abstract us the caching-layer so we don't need to setup ones.

Also, it distributed across the globe. It means, our website will be loaded faster everywhere, automagically.

Unfortunately, our audience are Indonesian. We know our web was loaded faster even user lives in San Francisco.

But one of our audience, maybe living in Pandeglang, a small village in West of Java Island. There are travel time, like 999+ KM between Pandeglang to closest edge server from Indonesia, Singapore.

They say it should be fast, until I did it.

And it's not.

We were frustrated with Connection Timed Out message.

Some features we will offer on v1

  • HTTP/2 by default
  • Brotli compression
  • Automatic SSL via Let's Encrypt
  • Simple CI & CD-ish
  • Bring your favorite tools: Hugo? Jekyll? Next.js?
  • Focusing on JAMstack Ecosystem

We adopt incremental mental-model (like on Agile-ish) in building features. We will release it atomically after talking to users

We are researching & developing, iteratively

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